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How the Atkins diet affects the concentration can be summed up simply; it does not affect it positively. Rather, it can do anything but have positive affects on the person following the diet. This occurs due to a loss of the nutrient you need to concentrate and focus clearly while working on any form of problem solving. Especially during your first week, expect to feel very light-headed by the third or fourth day,

Does this mean the Atkins diet does not work? No, it does work. The Atkins diet removes certain things from your body’s diet and forces itself to switch gears to burning fat rather than carbohydrates. This does work and can help you burn fat, but it is havoc on your lean muscle mass. Your brain is a muscle and can shrink or grow just as other muscles can.

If you are burning muscle mass and fat, your mind is going to take a dive too. While long-term studies have yet to be commenced, short-term studies are showing a decrease in concentration, and in the case of teenagers, an increase of nightmares while on the diet. While little is understood of the dream world still, it is obvious that our body’s condition plays a direct correlation on how the rest of our bodies react, especially our brains. Therefore, the Atkins diet can adversely affect our bodies including our minds and concentration.

However, the Atkins diet is not a bad thing. It does exactly what it says it will and improves your body’s fat burning process. What is needed with the Atkins diet is to keep up with taking supplements and exercising in order to give our bodies everything it needs without sacrificing anything important. Following this will alter the blood sugar level and allow the body to focus on burning fat while not sacrificing lean body muscle. This is necessary in a healthy body and mind.

While the Atkins diet in itself is inadequate for providing all of the body’s needed nutrients, when joined together with supplements it can provide everything that is needed. In this instance, concentration is made stable and depending on the supplements may be improved. However, this is only due to the supplements and not the diet itself. If you wish to improve your concentration, it is important not only to provide proper nutrition but to understand how your concentration works.

How the Atkins diet works depends on how closely you follow the diet, while exercising and continuing with your supplements. If you follow the diet closely, while paying special attention to every stage and doing what the diet tells you to do, while following it up with what you need to, you will be very successful. You will be able to burn fat while improving your health and overall fitness. In addition, you will see how the Atkins diet can affects the concentration when you add proper nutrition into your diet.

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