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A lot of people in health forums all over the internet have been asking, “What can I eat on the south beach diet?” This is mainly due to the fact that the south beach diet is growing in popularity through word of mouth, however the amount of resources available to the public about the diet are somewhat limited. Due to this fact there has been a huge demand for a guide or tutorial on what foods are okay to eat while on the diet, we have put together the following tips to help you get the most out of the south beach diet.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with how the south beach diet works, it’s actually quite easy to understand. The basic idea of the diet is to decrease the amount of bad fats and carbohydrates that you are currently consuming and replace them with ones that are good for you. The fact that the diet is so easy to understand is perhaps the reason that it is becoming so popular and the reason that people have been having so much success with it.

What can I eat on the south beach diet?

Tip #1: The number one question that people ask about the south beach diet is, “What can I eat on the south beach diet?” The foods that you should consume while on the diet are probably the ones that you already are currently consuming; however during phase one of the diet you should completely cut out sugary foods. The basic foods that you should stick to during phase one includes chicken, beef, fish, shellfish, turkey, nuts, cheese, eggs, and vegetables. You should eat three meals of day using your choice of one of these foods as well as side it with a garden salad. Its important to use only 100% olive oil as a dressing for the garden salad.

Tip #2: The first part of the diet will typically last for 2 weeks. After that you can begin to move on to phase two. The only difference between the foods in phase one and phase two is that during phase two you can start eating some of the sugary foods that you cut out during phase one. These sugary foods should only be consumed once or twice a week and in small portions.

Tip #3: One of the best tips for people that are wondering, “what can I eat on the south beach diet?” is you can pretty much eat whatever you want once you get through the first two phases of the diet. This is because the diet trains your body to phase out cravings for sugary foods and build your dependence on healthy food staples that are high in fats and carbohydrates that are good for you. Now you should never

With these great tips you should have no problems being successful with this diet and should not be asking “what can I eat on the south beach diet” any longer.

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